• Jo Ellen Lyons


After an extended hiatus, I'm back to blogging.

Grab a cup of java and let's chat.

January of 2015 was when I started blogging. It took me about five years to make that initial blog happen. Then the proverbial s*&t happened and blogging fell by the wayside. But I'm ready to jump back in the saddle and write. Part journal, part pontification--hopefully, this will be occasionally inspirational and often humorous and always kind. It won't hurt my feelings if we disagree. It will bother me if our disagreements keep us from being neighborly. Isn't there quite enough of that going around?

This is a pic of me on a horse my Granddaddy got for us to ride. This is a man who would have punched you before he took a selfie--yet he was quite focused on making sure he dressed well and smelled better. People are full of paradoxes, aren't they? Acupojoe will be a place to examine those inconsistencies--or as I like to call them, quirks--of myself and our world.

Here's hoping for a fabulous 2019 for all of us! Hoping, too, for some lovely and lively conversations over a good cup o'joe before we go out and slay our respective giants.

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