Random conversations over a good cup of coffee . . .

Who Knew?

By Jo Ellen on July 17, 2017

Twice in the last week or so, my singing has been compared to Marilyn Monroe.  Which is funny ’cause I don’t think of her as a singer at all.  Yet, it turns out she has a list of 417 recorded songs. Anyway, all this MM conversation has made me wonder . . . did she have aspirations of being a singer but got pigeon-holed as a sex symbol and decided to ride that train?  I’ve always admired her talent onscreen […]

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The Hero I Don’t Know

By Jo Ellen on May 29, 2017

Was he tall?  Was he an only child? Was he funny?  Could he do any magic tricks? Did he like to dance?  Was he shy around girls? What was his favorite color?  His favorite book? Did he leave behind a wife?  Kids?  A happy dog?  Was his dream to be a soldier or takeover the family business? Maybe he was avoiding jail because he’d grown up rough. Maybe the military was his only option.  Maybe he was running away from […]

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The Journey Back

By Jo Ellen on March 6, 2017
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I fell off the bed this morning while holding a cup of coffee. These are the types of delays that I have encountered whilst journeying back to the dreams of my childhood. Vertigo, scorched vocals, financial disastrophes, villainous frenemies and this ridiculous menopause-y thing. All delays– obstacles and the proverbial giants in the land. But journey I have. Back to the dreams of performing. Dreams of singing and creating. Dreams of comedies and mostly telling wonderful stories. On the way, […]

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