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The Journey Back

By Jo Ellen on March 6, 2017
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I fell off the bed this morning while holding a cup of coffee. These are the types of delays that I have encountered whilst journeying back to the dreams of my childhood. Vertigo, scorched vocals, financial disastrophes, villainous frenemies and this ridiculous menopause-y thing. All delays– obstacles and the proverbial giants in the land. But journey I have. Back to the dreams of performing. Dreams of singing and creating. Dreams of comedies and mostly telling wonderful stories. On the way, […]

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I’d Like to Thank the Academy

By Jo Ellen on March 1, 2017

Anyone who has ever dreamed of performing has also practiced their Oscar speech. Maybe this is true of people who have never considered stepping foot on stage or in front of the camera. There is something about the Oscars, with all of its pageantry and hoopla, that evokes an almost universal desire for recognition and public validation. Sometimes we do our jobs for the applause of an audience. Sometimes for the applause of parents—and eventually our children. Sometimes just for […]

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Following the Dog Catcher

By Jo Ellen on November 9, 2016

By the time I got to the polling place it was dark.   Not used to the time change, it felt surreal.  Inside it was packed but things were moving quickly. The gals at the table were tired, I think.  They moved me along quite efficiently, though, making sure my new address was correct. As soon as they gave me the little sticker–not the “I Voted” one but the one with all your info on it–I started crying.  For some […]

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